Woman-powered bakery in The Great Plains

Goldenrod Pastries is a bakery in Lincoln, Nebraska that specializes in inclusive baking.

We believe that everyone deserves treats and birthday cakes, so we work hard to make pastries that can be enjoyed by as many people, with as many diets, as possible. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan treats are our most common and most requested.

Our style is whimsical and pure, always accented with bright colors, sprinkles, edible glitter, and flowers.

Our pastries pack a punch with inspiration from both Americana and classic European flavors and techniques. We design these treats to inspire both your palate and your imagination. Visit our Instagram page for a look at what we do.

We offer custom orders from a birthday cake for one, to wedding cakes and dessert displays. While we do have a set menu to work from, we encourage our customers to think outside the box.

OUR MISSION: Goldenrod Pastries aims to create diet inclusive treats that bring together our community through food, progress, and positivity.

*Goldenrod is always careful to limit any cross-contamination, but Goldenrod is not liable for any illness or discomfort caused from contaminants or allergens. Customer claims responsibility for being sure they have clearly requested appropriate items and received what was requested.*