Giving and Receiving

Last night, as I was making basketballs out of marzipan and chocolate sprinkles, I realized that the greatest thing about making pastries, for me, is knowing that someone cared enough about someone else, to be sure they get a treat. Being a part of the giving-and-receiving process is a blessing and a joy.


My friend, Ellen, wanted to thank her coworker for giving her a great recommendation for a job, so she ordered a dozen cookies from me to be adorned with sports equipment. Neither Ellen or I really give a hoot about sports or its equipment, but this sentiment made me big-time GUSH.

On my way to deliver these sporty treats, I stopped at four friends’ houses, and gave them each six chocolate cookies. I can only imagine the joy they felt when opening their front door to find surprise cookie packages. 

Not surprisingly, I felt the same way when several people just stopped me on my walk with Sally to pet her. And to smile.