Celebration Sunday: Mother's Day

Celebration Sunday is a new series I’ll be trying in this space. We have the power to change the monotony of our day-to-day life. We have the power to completely flip a day upside-down, to make our girlfriend squeal out of nowhere. And you know what? You don’t have to wait for a holiday or a birthday! So, I say, let’s toast to those big days, and to the everyday little parties. Here’s to finding something to celebrate, no matter the day or the reason!
This week, in the Celebration Sunday inaugural post, it actually happens to be a great reason to celebrate: OUR MOTHERS! My mom belongs on this page for more that just the holiday. She had me in the kitchen with her from as young as possible (literally, standing on a chair or even sitting on the counter), helping her bake. 
Before I get to the sappy bits, you should know that my mom never thought it was too late for sweets. Out of nowhere, 10pm, she’d be making chocolate chip cookie dough. My brother, sister, and I would all end up around the mixer, eating dough, then waiting for these magical bites to pop out of the oven. 
My mom is an amazing mother and friend. She taught me to be fiercely independent. There was never a question of what I would or wouldn’t be able to accomplish with her. And she always let me be myself, whether good or bad.

And, most importantly, a birthday never went by without a birthday cake. Every single damn day was a celebration, especially when she pulled something sweet out of the oven. 

I knew I’d be missing Mother’s Day with her this year (currently at The Blogcademy in San Francisco!), so I threw together a proper British Sunday Roast for her last weekend. It had all of the staples, with a pretty flashy finale: nine-layer dobos torte with rose-raspberry preserves and vanilla buttercream. Check out my Instagram page for more pictures of this torte!

I’m sorry I’m not home to honor you this weekend, Mom, but damn. Your passion, kindness, independence, loyalty has made you so much more than my mom – you are 100% one of my best friends.