Protein Pancakes

I started lifting weights about a year ago – as a person who hated gyms and exercise of any kind. I bought a couple of sessions with a personal trainer and felt like the weakest human alive. So I gave it a couple weeks. Then I started noticing some changes and started lifting heavier weights. Then more changes and even heavier weights. Fast forward to now and I’m completely obsessed.
Last week, I bought #GIRLBOSS and put it in my iLibrary so I could read on the run (my cute spring purse is too small for a book, deal with it) – and also at the gym. So here I am lifting weights as heavy as I can, then reading a practical book on being a rad lady in between sets – my mind was blown. A lot of ideas have been coming to a head for me lately, and these felt like very powerful moments.
Most people have goals when they lift weights – to lose weight, decrease body fat, compete in figure competitions, etc. I guess I don’t really have a goal in that sense. I want to keep getting stronger. I want to push myself to the point where, when I catch myself in the mirror when I’m lifting, my face looks ridiculous – because that’s when I’m outside my comfort zone. Seeing muscles pop is only part of the fun. Pushing myself and adding more and more weight to the barbell is really the best part. Oh, and if you want a great gym in Lincoln? Good Life Fitness is really the only choice.
Subscribing to a strict diet that many weightlifters do is not really in my plan/skill set, but I do try to do a few things here and there to help out these lil’ muscles. I make these pancakes at least once a week, more often if I lift in the morning (which is very hard for me to do). The texture is kind of weird at first because they aren’t fluffy, but you get used to it! Russell made me banana pancakes last weekend and the fluffy texture was actually alarming. So, give ‘em a shot.
Note: There are tons of sites that write out a recipe similar to this. Most of those sites are strictly focused on being fit or paleo. Well, this recipe isn’t a paleo recipe and I’m pretty sure you don’t read my blog about pastries to get fit.
You can read my last post in this series, on Icelandic pancakes, here


1 banana

1 whole egg

2 egg whites

1 Tsbp all-purpose flour

dash of vanilla extract

1/2 scoop protein powder, I use SunWarrior-Warrior Blend (optional)

Heat up your pan or electric skillet. I set my skillet to about 325F. If using the stove, try medium heat.
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and a little frothy. This yields 5 pancakes, so pour them out in equal sizes. Wait until they look pretty dry on top, then flip! I’ll usually turn off the heat at this point and just let them sit for about 5 minutes to cook all the way through.
Cover them in some maple syrup and almond butter, even fruit – and call it good. My friend Steve helped me refine this recipe to make it a nicer texture.