Celebration Sunday: It's Wedding Season!

Memorial Day weekend definitely kicks off Wedding Season. I baked for a really gorgeous wedding yesterday. Colors: pink and mint green. Theme: vintage with a heavy emphasis on skeleton keys. I don’t often walk into a wedding venue and just gasp, but this one did it. Everything was set up when I arrived with the cake – even the amazing chandelier and lanterns from Blooms & Bouquets – and the space was completely empty. And the amazing flowers? Yeah, iBloom killed it. SO beautiful.
I never get tired of being a part of wedding days. It’s even more fun for me now, to talk with the couples, after going through it all already. For me, I went from super excited to talk about every single detail, to basically just not wanting to make any single decision ever. One afternoon in particular, after a really frustrating wedding gown afternoon, I went for a hair appointment. I told my amazing stylist that I was really ready for a change, that I wanted either really, really blonde hair, or something like the woman in the next chair – a black bob with red highlights. Hairstylists are basically counselors, too. Or at least The Amazing Rebecca Forsyth is. Her response to my ideas: “Seems like someone has been makin’ too many decisions lately!” And she made sure not to really change my hair at all that day. 
Anyway, WEDDINGS! This was such a fun cake. The couple chose two different flavors, strawberry and chocolate alternating tiers. The strawberry cake was layered around strawberry preserves. The chocolate cake had chocolate mousse between the layers. It was all covered in basically the silkiest buttercream I’ve ever had the pleasure of making and using. They also wanted lots of little cupcakes in adorable paper wrappers the bride made. 
This year holds a lot of amazing wedding pastries for me and my clients, including a late-night dessert bar, an array of tiny little pastries, cakes, cookies, and the list goes on and on! I LOVE seeing couples express themselves through any and every detail of their wedding – especially the food. It’s truly an honor and pleasure to join them on their planning journey and to be a part of their celebration.