Celebration Sunday: Celebrate YOU and Your Dreams!

I’m about two-thirds of the way through Gala Darling’s DARE/DREAM/DO month-long course. I was still flying pretty high off The Blogcademy and wanted to keep my motivation high. When you register, you receive a daily e-mail that provokes and inspires your dreams, teaches you how to squash fear, and to rethink the way you dream.
What struck me most so far was in the beginning of the section about dreams. Gala reminds you to think of what your dream was when you were six years old. Have you since squashed those dreams you had? Do you feel like you can’t be a writer or a painter or a doctor because of what society, family, or friends have said? To sit down and really remember what that dream was is a powerful thing. Does that dream still resonate with you?
All I’ve ever wanted to do is bake. And it is pretty much all I’ve ever done. The joy of seeing someone take a bite of something I made and close their eyes and smile is something I never get tired of. Food makes memories, I think. One of my favorite movies is “Stranger Than Fiction”. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays an anarchist bakery owner who gets audited by the IRS. She explains to her auditor that she had gone to Harvard law. She loved to bake for her study group. Eventually she’d bake more and more complicated things, and before she knew it, her study group had tripled in size and she was failing most of her classes. I didn’t fail out of school, but I was always baking (and still am!).
It’s a good reminder to listen to the firecrackers in your chest. It’s important to remember that you light up for a reason when you’re doing what you love.

Baking for my clients is a true labor of love. On top of my job in marketing, socializing, and spending lots of time with my family, this is what lights those firecrackers in my chest. Being able to share that with you here just adds to the firecrackers. Reading Gala’s words on dreams and passions is an important reminder for everyone. Invest in yourself! DARE! DREAM! DO!

I’ll leave you with a quote Gala includes from Danielle LePorte: “You have permission to want what you want and own your desires!”