Celebration Sunday: Cake For My Grandmother

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have already seen this. But I personally think it’s a photo worth repeating, and a story worth telling.

My Baba (rough translation of “grandma” in Polish) is a really cute woman. She is a faithful woman, absolutely hilarious, very short, and SO strong.  It’s a long story, but she immigrated to the United States from Poland, via Germany, after World War II. She came with my grandfather, her first two children, and a wooden trunk that held everything they owned. They didn’t speak English and had no family here. Their story is, I’m sure, like many other courageous people who have sought a better life for their families. My grandfather worked during the day while my grandmother cared for their children, then she worked through the night washing dishes at a Lincoln steakhouse. My grandfather went to English classes and taught my grandmother everything he learned. Their story is unbelievable to me. I could write at least 100 posts just on this – so that is for another day.


Both my Jaja and my Baba are 89 now and they still live in their sweet little home. I took a cake over for them last weekend. Just a little cake, though, as they don’t eat a whole lot. There’s not much to say about the cake, actually! I showed it to Baba and asked if I could take a picture of her with it – she said, “Can I pretend to eat the cake in the picture??” YEP! It was so cute! She intentionally dug her fingers into the side of the cake, and dragged it across the top so she could try the buttercream. Honestly, I couldn’t even handle the cuteness.

Today, I celebrate my Baba, during the week of Poland’s 25th anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union. It is an amazing country that has been through so much. 

Please enjoy these photos of my sweet Baba.

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