Miniseries: Planning Your Wedding Cake!

I have the opportunity to work with a lot of couples planning weddings. Honestly? I feel pretty honored every time I’m asked to get involved and, ultimately, to make something that is served during their big day. To be trusted with such a special part of that big day is awesome to me. As with every part of planning a wedding, it can be confusing to navigate the cake process.
When Russell and I started this process, it seemed so straightforward, but it got confusing – fast. I want to make this one part of your wedding a little less confusing and frustrating. Have questions before I get to week three? Always feel free to send me a question on Twitter or Facebook.
Every Wednesday, for the next five weeks, you’ll get the dirty details on planning your wedding dessert spread with the following topics:

  • Knowing Your Options
  • Choosing Your Vendor
  • Planning Your Tasting
  • Setting Up The Dessert Display
  • The Nitty Gritty: How much will you need? How will Aunt Sue know how to cut our cake? What’s it going to cost?

 Are you ready to plan the most kick-ass desserts of any wedding you’ve seen?! Let’s go!