British-American Outdoor Wedding Reception

Sometimes the most exciting thing about doing wedding desserts, is the couple’s vision. Adam is British, and Allison is from Lincoln. Allison and Adam were married in England (and I’m just dying over their photos by Wyn Wiley. DYING.) and wanted to have a reception in Nebraska for all of their friends and family stateside.  They said they wanted to do a small cake for cutting, then lots of little bite-sized desserts for everything else. 
 Some of the amazing set-up that Allison and Adam put together. You’re looking at miniature cakes and cream puffs filled with strawberry cream.
Here was the line-up:

  • Miniature lemon tarts
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries (both dark and white chocolate)
  • Dark chocolate truffles with walnuts and cocoa powder
  • Miniature cakes with strawberry preserves and vanilla buttercream
  • Cream puffs with strawberry cream, dipped in dark chocolate
  • 8″ cake for cutting – vanilla cake with strawberry preserves and vanilla buttercream

WHOA. That list really makes it sound like a ton of stuff. 
The way Allison and Adam set up the dessert table was just absolutely, 100% charming. I loved it so much. They had several tiered tea trays with antique plates. So adorable and classic. Single white rose stems in beautiful white vases. Simple navy ribbon. It was divine, you guys. The setting was out at Country Pines, just NW of Lincoln, Nebraska. It has some indoor seating, but the majority of the seating is outside, on a beautiful wood deck, with a gazebo, overlooking a vineyard. It was so beautiful! The only wild card was how chilly the weather was that day. It was unseasonably cold, but with not a cloud in the sky. 

It was such a pleasure working with Allison and Adam. You can totally feel the love they share. I will just keep drooling over their wedding photos by the unbelievable Wyn Wiley.