Thursday Sweets // 10.09.2014

This weekend is a wedding I’ve been looking forward to for a while. The bride is a friend from middle school, though we really hadn’t kept in touch. I can’t wait for it!!!! The beautifulness and deliciousness is going to blow everyone away. Truly!

I had two really wonderful Random Act of Pastry orders this week. On Sunday, I delivered a couple dozen hearty vegan cookies for a couple who was driving through town. They were touring The International Quilt Study Center, on their way to Yellowstone for three weeks of camping and hiking. The gal’s mom follows the blog and sent me an e-mail last week, asking if I could drop something by the Quilt Center for them – as a surprise. Apparently the cookies went over really well! The only bad part of this was not seeing their faces when they got the cookies. 

Sidenote: If you are ever passing through town, make it a point to stop by the Quilt Study Center. It’s so awesome, and the building itself is really beautiful and very thoughtful.
Another order was from a new customer who was at the Ignite Lincoln event. She wanted to commit a Random Act of Pastry and called to ask if I could deliver a surprise birthday cake to one of her studio assistants. She would be out of town her her assistant’s birthday, but wanted to have this surprise cake for her. How. Awesome. Is. That. ?!?! I made a four-layer Belgian chocolate cake with Italian espresso buttercream – topped it off with some chocolate-buckwheat, pomegranate, candied hibiscus, and honeycomb (!!!). I knocked on the door and asked for the birthday gal. Told her I had a birthday cake for her. And watched her jaw just drop. It was so great! I love that someone thought far enough in advance to make this happen. I felt like a true pastry fairy. It was amazing. 

I have a super secret order for the beginning of next week that is ALSO a Random Act of Pastry. I may or may not have roasted some local chestnuts this morning for a maple-vanilla chestnut paste for this order. You’re right: I did. I received my own lil’ random act o’ love from the hubby yesterday to celebrate our, as he coined it in the card, “smooch-a-versary”. I LOVE the unopened blossoms.

Oh, and I’m also going to Mexico and to Oregon next week. Livin’ life, you know how it goes!
Please enjoy these links to awesome things that exist around our Internet. I always learn a little something from lists like these that my fave bloggers post. If I don’t find anything interesting to share with you, I just won’t make a list. Not gonna give you a bunch of crap, y’all.
Love you!

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