Thursday Sweets: 10.30.2014

It’s been another whirlwind week – lots of pastries, with a surprise sinus infection thrown in. Yay! The highlight of my week was celebrating my husband’s birthday yesterday. He is such a calming influence in my life, when everything is moving 100 miles per hour, he is always there for a joke and for talking through things reasonably. I was up early to make him confetti pancakes with extra sprinkles, maple syrup, and quark – and to make him a big lunch, packed with all kinds of surprises. We took a quick walk with our dogs after work, and before dinner. I felt so relaxed and centered. After an amazing dinner at our new local brew-pub, we snuggled in to watch the final game of the World Series.
 Taking the night off from baking and work was so important and good for us. I’m always moving so fast, that it’s easy to get caught up in everything. Being in my PJs by 8:30pm, all snuggled in, was pretty great, and a rare treat.
Russell’s birthday cake was a hit for sure! With layers of chocolate and quark fillings, and 16 crepes, it was insanely rich (even for the guy who doesn’t know the meaning of the word!), but totally fun. I think it would be great with tea or coffee first thing in the morning, duh. 
Oh, and if you live in the Lincoln area, be sure to stop by Paper Kite between now and Saturday, November 1, to take advantage of their one-year anniversary party. There are some special deals AND little pumpkin heart cakes by yours truly. Only while supplies last, of course!
Here’s what’s been interesting to me this week:

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