5 Tips To Update Packaging For Your Holiday Sweets

I received a really awesome inquiry from a friend and blog-reader that I am going to try to entertain. She asked if I have any suggestions on how to package up sweet treats for gifts, that might be more interesting than just putting the spritz cookies (or whatever you made) on a paper plate, and wrapping them in foil. While I do not claim to be a Martha of any kind, I do have some tips that are pretty easy and affordable – and will make it look like you spent hours on Pinterest researching this stuff.

And just a reminder: it isn’t your job to make sure these packages are an air-tight situation. Your job is to make cute things and deliver them. Your friend can put them in Tupperware, if they want.


  1. Find some cute vessels for your snacks. From restaurant supply stores, to craft stores like Michael’s – you can find little boxes that will work great for handing out special treats to your friends and family. Are you going to be doing a ton of these? Look to restaurant supply stores, online or in your city. I bought 50 little white boxes last week for $7.99. These are small, but they’ll hold about 5 cookies, or ten little bonbons. Other options?
  2. Use waxed paper instead of aluminum foil. I use waxed paper to line pastry boxes for clients, and I also use it to wrap up small amounts of things, like 1-5 cookies, or an assortment of small things. You can go rustic by wrapping everything up just with the waxed paper and close it with twine or washi tape — or, line your boxes and/or treat bags with it. It’s just so much classier than foil! Even wrap it over a paper plate, secured with tape and foil.
  3. Close your packages with twine. Twine is actually really useful for a lot of things, and you get a big bang for your buck when you buy it. Butcher’s twine is usually an off-white color and is tough enough to stand up to heavy use, like for wrapping up big pieces of meat; whereas baker’s twine is much thinner and comes in a variety of colors, usually used for wrapping up boxes. Use it to wrap around boxes, or tie up waxed paper packages with it!
  4. Find some nice tape to seal things up! Use Japanese-style washi tape to seal boxes and waxed paper packages. This tape, in my experience, isn’t super strong, so you might consider reinforcing it with some butcher’s twine, or clear packaging tape. It’s so cute, but not always super stick! I also like to use kraft paper-like brown packing tape. It’s rustic and super awesome.
  5. Add in cute extras!
    • dd some confetti inside the packages, if you have it lying around. Don’t use glitter. Your friends will hate you.
    • Decorate the boxes with anything, even just by saying “To…” and “From…”. Use black or grey ink to keep it simple.
    • Tuck something cute into the wrapping, like a feather with glitter on it, or a card with an affirmation or sweet saying.
    • TIE JINGLE BELLS TO IT. I know I would never have the patience for something adorable like this, but damn! Wouldn’t it be so cute?!

Photo credits: Imeon Design, Deco Crush