Goodman, Good People

The last leg of our honeymoon was in London. We knew that somehow, no matter where the rest of our trip was, we would have to fit London in. Our good friends, John and Justyna, live there and traveled from London to attend our wedding in ye olde Lincoln, Nebraska.

John is a chef extraordinaire for the Goodman Restaurant Group and has recently designed the kitchen for their latest restaurant concept, Beast. Get this: farmhouse, communal tables, with candle chandeliers above, and HALF WHEELS OF PARMESAN spaced throughout the table.

You literally just help yourself to the cheese. (Which wouldn’t help out this dairy-allergic lady too much.)

They also serve Nebraska steaks and Norwegian king crab. And the kitchen is totally bonkers. Complete with this engraving: “THE LEGEND. JOHN CADIEUX. INTERNATIONAL CHEF.”


We had dinner with J & J at the Maddox Street Goodman on the absolute last night of our honeymoon. And it was so magical. Time did not exist. Sparkling rose, caviar and blini, risotto with foie gras and black truffle, king crab, steaks (Nebraska, British, Italian), mushrooms, beef fat fries (!!!), mac & cheese, and a couple of lovely desserts (they were so great, but I sort of stopped tracking everything by that point).


The table setting was rad – including my coat check tag. Yes, my dad designed those off of cattle ear tags.

Let’s ease off about the bad photography, k? It was a LOOOONNNGG, blurry night.

Thanks for everything to our great friends, The J Team.