Planning Your Wedding Cake: What Are Your Options?

Visit my introduction post to learn all about this series. FYI: I use the term “wedding cake” very loosely here and believe that it covers the whole range or your options.
It’s imperative these days to think about what you and your partner want to eat and share with your guests on your big day. Not really into cake? No biggie! Couples everywhere are busting out of that norm and planning full on dessert bars. Your options can be as wild as anything you can find on Pinterest, and anything your pastry chef can come up with.
A couple I worked with last year had a selection of chocolate mousse, panna cotta, two different cookie flavors, and cupcakes. The bride sewed felt labels for each item. It was a pretty informal display but made guests feel like they were walking up to a bakery display.
I am working with a couple this summer who wants cookie bowls to hold gelato for their elegant outdoor wedding. In August, I’ll be doing a late-night dessert bar, complete with Liege waffles and made-to-order French toast.
Craving mini-desserts but don’t want to miss out on cake-cutting? A lot of couples want to give their guests many different options for dessert, but still want the cake-cutting experience. You can definitely have a selection of desserts, plus a cake just for cutting! I recommend a 6” or 8” cake for this use, put on a nice cake stand, so it still stands out from the rest of the display.
Worried about cost? See what your friends and family can come up with to help. While it will make your big day so much easier if you aren’t worrying about baking for it, too – this can add a super personal touch that can’t be replaced. Does your aunt make awesome pies? See if you can get her to make a few in different flavors, in exchange for you doing her yard work or watching her pets next time she’s on vacation.  An assortment of pies, cupcakes, and cookies made by your close friends can be just as great as hiring someone.
If you are cake people and have always dreamed of your six-tier caked – go for it, girl! This is your day, and you do what you want!