Thursday Sweets: 08.07.2014

It’s been a packed week in the Goldenrod world. Time is flying by in simply the best way. Our friends from the UK arrived last night and will be in Nebraska for the next 10 days. That means we will have several family dinners and a ton of laughs. I bought a disco ball over the weekend and my mom asked if I could hold off on hanging it so she can borrow it for a BBQ next week. Love it!
Starting at about noon today, I’ll be working nonstop on 300 itty bitty pies for a wedding that is tomorrow afternoon. Then? I’ll be having a really great weekend with my friends and family. And I basically just can’t wait. 
Here are some useful bits and bobs from around the web that, I think, are just great.

Sour cherry pie that looks like a cake but it’s someone’s mom’s recipe so I’m sure it’s amazing.

Why wouldn’t you make turnip-blueberry muffins? Good use of that CSA, y’all!


The super rad MOFAD gives it to us real with this debate on GMOs.

Can we manifest our future based on our password choices?

Inspirational and powerful words from Gala Darling on admitting the effort required in life.

You know you want beetroot and hibiscus lipstain. Just leave some for me… 

A serving tray/styling piece meant for the gods.