The Importance of Birthday Cakes + Celebrations

// Everyone: This is a reminder to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to your friends. And to celebrate them. Find a reason to do it now. Do it today. //

Today would have been my grandma Helen’s 102nd birthday. My god, she was one HELL of a woman. Today also is the 94th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – the amendment that gave women the right to vote. It was ratified on my grandma’s eighth birthday. She was one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever known. She was a very strong woman and didn’t put up with anyone’s shit, and encouraged you to do the same! She was the biggest proponent of our dreams and had a knack for breaking things down for you, and showed you how to make all the pieces fall into place.
She also taught me how to cheat at solitaire. (Hint: you’re playing by yourself, so do what you want!)
She LOVED to celebrate. We celebrated everything! No event was too small for cake and ice cream. Every birthday needed a cake. Every cake needed candles. And every birthday person needed a seriously special day.
I have a really hard time seeing a friend’s birthday go by without celebrating with sweets, candles, and a big-ass celebration. We’re worth it, you guys! And why the HELL shouldn’t we frickin’ CELEBRATE?!!  There were four orders that came in last week for Friday birthday cakes, then my mom’s was on Saturday, two friends yesterday, and today would’ve been Grandma’s. Birthday fever over here!
We sang to my friend last night at her impromptu birthday gathering. She giggled really sweetly in the middle of it and I told her, later, how adorable that was. “I just don’t remember the last time people sang to me on my birthday!” she said. 
Like I said: Sing to your friends. Celebrate them. They deserve it, you deserve it, we all deserve it.