Thursday Sweets: 09.04.2014

It’s been a great week. I took life slow, for the most part, and made a lot of intentional movements and decisions. There were so great meetings in Omaha with women who inspire and motivate me – and I’ll be really excited to show you the fruits of our labor in the coming months. And I became obsessed with making vegan doughnuts. I’ve made so many – I can’t stop. A first-time client ordered some for her family on Friday night, for Saturday morning. Her husband and young son came to pick up. Her son was about the cutest, most excited little thing I’ve ever seen. He couldn’t stop giggling. Well, I found out later that he is dairy intolerant, so he never gets to eat doughnuts! Kid, I know the feeling!! His mom sent the sweetest photo over of him. 
Baking in general is the most rewarding thing in the world for me – but baking things for people who are intolerant to things, is the best ever. We all need to be able to eat delicious things. It’s essential, I think. If we can’t gather around a big cake, or share cookies with our friends – what’s the point? 

Anyway, vegan doughnuts are the future. They are the present. They are everlasting!!

Here are hot and spicy and sweet and amazing things I’ve found:

Roasted cashews and shallots on top of a veg stew? Gimme fall now.

This giveaway with my pals over at Hello Holiday. You want this $50, trust me.

Want sangria that doesn’t take itself too seriously? Make drunken gummy bears.

I swear I will finally make this in the next week. Give me fruit cake/pie.

Vegan. Toffee. Cinnamon. Oatmeal. Bars. Road-trip ready, right?!

It’s fall, we need homemade black licorice. Of course.

And: Carob almond freezer fudge. Vegan. Bam.