Thursday Sweets // 09.25.2014

Two things I love: a good photo shoot and a great party. I was thrilled to work with Melissa of Blooms and Bouquets this week to put together a shoot and a party – in one! Her business is just blowing up and it’s so exciting to watch it grow. A real inspiration in terms of ladies in business. More information to follow on this shoot, but I wanted to give you some sneak peaks.
I woke up extra early today to make scones for my coworkers and to put together Russell’s lunch. I love making lunch for him. He always packs for himself: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And that’s it. I usually take two or three snacks, two items for lunch, and a couple pieces of fruit. So i met our methods halfway in the middle today with: a quark + mustard + egg sandwich, chips and salsa, and an apple. He didn’t want a cookie. Go figure! 
Russell gets a lot of pastry bits and bites from me, but they are mostly never made just for him. Here are some things I want to make him that I think he would love. They really aren’t vegan. Or healthy. Russell likes rich desserts. A lot. And I like him.

Beer + Brownies = love.

Nutella chocolate cake because obviously everyone will love this.

I don’t eat dairy, so therefore Russell doesn’t eat it very often. But he loves it. So: this.

He likes bananas and chocolate, so I figure why not do a banana cake? And, if Nigella made it…

One of my favorite blogs, that is now long gone. But I love these cinnamon rolls for love.

Strawberry + yogurt brûlée because what’s sexier than cracked sugar?

Cheesecake: when you want to show you care. Russell has drooled over this when I’ve baked it for clients.