Thursday Sweets: 10.16.2014

This week in news: vegan pumpkin doughnuts are sweeping the nation! Or, at least, my kitchen and Lincoln. You guys are LOVING IT. I couldn’t have been more excited to send off three dozen of the little cuties to a 6am birthday yoga class at Lotus House of Yoga on Wednesday. It was a super sweet surprise from one romantic partner, to another, for his birthday! So sweet. I obviously love when people treat each other.
In other awesome news, I added an F.A.Q. section to my site. I want to make an effort to share more about who I am with you – and that probably means everyone should know how I really feel about the Fast and Furious series of movies.  

Keeping this short today – we are heading to Oregon for a surprise hubby birthday trip tomorrow! I will be cheering on the Portland Timbers, by his side, trying to remember/learn their 25,000 different chants. 

Should you stock up on chocolate because of Ebola? 

John Oliver + pumpkin spice. Lolz. Lolz. Lolz.

A Beautiful Mess has some overwhelming DIY projects. But here’s one, and its outcome, that I want to get behind.

A follow-up to DIY projects: My house is a design nightmare, but I could def see myself adding some magic to it!

Michelle Obama wins again. Too bad she can’t up her husband’s ratings!

Obviously I love The Blogcademy. Do you have some business dreams you just can’t let go? Find them in 2015 for the push YOU NEED.

I am LOVING Anya von Bremzen lately. Try her recipe for kubeliaka.

We are not JUST female chefs.