Experience Eating: A November Challenge!

This is a reminder for you – and it’s a reminder for me, too. And it’s a challenge for all of us, too! I wrote last week about about being sure that, when we eat, we try to make it more of an experience and less just about stuffin’ our faces or finding some food out just because. What I’ve realized is, now that I’m thinking more about this stuff, I am making more informed and exciting decisions when I eat. Not that I am eating fancier or spending more money – I think it’s actually the other way around. Why would I go out to eat if it’s just because I’m feeling lazy? That sure seems like a waste of money, especially when I could snuggle into my home and make something there, even if it’s a weird conglomeration of food.
Before you go any further, watch and listen to this video of Anya von Bremzen talking about THE TRANSPORTIVE NATURE OF FOOD. This is in all caps because of how strongly I believe in what she has to say. It will impact your life.
If you are interested in enriching your life, improving things on the daily, and in challenging your community to step up what they have to offer, read on for what this challenge means. It’s pretty easy!

  1. Put away your phone for one entire meal per day.
  2. Be the interesting conversationalist at your table. Think of topics of conversation before you eat with other people. 
  3. Slow down, look at your food, appreciate it, and enjoy it – one time per day. Don’t rush.
  4. When you eat out, think about whether or not the restaurant is giving you a great experience, or if they are just going through the motions. Do you want more of an experience? Make one for yourself if you can’t find one outside your home.
  5. Tell me about it – use #ExperienceEating to tell your friends about what you’re doing. 

Happy eating and I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you!
Photo Credit: Ashley Camper Photography