A Doughnut State of Mind: Vegan Banana Bread Doughnuts

My family definitely celebrates National Doughnut Day. If we aren’t all together, we e-mail each other pictures of the doughnut we’re eating, or of doughnut pictures around the web that we love. Yes, we are those people. Food is Our Thing. At least one time per weekend growing up (and my parents still do this), my dad would go out before anyone else was awake, and he’d buy twice as many doughnuts as were people. We piled them on a big white plate, with a pointed serrated knife. No one ever took a whole doughnut. We cut bits and pieces off so we could try them all. We’d pass around the long john to feel how smooth the chocolate icing was. Literally, these are true stories. I guess it doesn’t take a lot to make us happy!
I knew I wanted to participate in National Doughnut Day this year, somehow. As much as I want to go to the most awesome doughnut shops in town, I know that they are full of dairy and other things that make my belly cry. I was also deathly tired last night, so making something yeasted, then waiting for them to rise, then frying them was TOTALLY out of the question. Doughnuts can be just about anything, I decided last night. Whatever it takes to put you in a Doughnut State of Mind. Put icing and sprinkles on it, cut a hole in the middle, and, for me at least, I feel like I’m back with my family, looking at piles of doughnuts. These are happy, sweet (no pun intended) memories for me.
This is a weird recipe and I made it out of necessity. 

Doughnut Recipe

1 recipe banana bread from Fruit Cocktail Cakes, without the berries and rhubarb

1/2 c dairy-free chocolate chips

3/4 c chopped walnuts

Glaze Recipe

2 c powdered sugar

1/2 c non-dairy milk (I used a blend of almond and coconut)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pour into a greased, lined 1/4 sheet pan and bake at 375F for about 20 minutes, until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Let cool.
Cut 3″ circles out of the banana bread, then a tiny circle from the middle, too. Dip in the glaze and top with granulated sugar and lots of sprinkles! Enjoy your doughnut state of mind.