Lately: The Past Few Weeks In Pictures

Of course this time of year gets crazy for everyone – but, honestly, I just feel like it’s a whirlwind in general, with nothing really to do with the holiday season. More than anything, it’s a season of change. I can’t wait for the next few months. It feels like I’ve been in a cave for the past year and am emerging to find the whole world again. Is that weird?! It feels like a weird thing to say!
Stay tuned for more regularly scheduled posts again. I’ve missed you guys and this space!! Also, something super sweet and holiday-y tomorrow from Goldenrod and! And, for more of a tease, stay tuned for big things at the beginning of 2015. I can’t wait to share the new look for Goldenrod Pastries, plus a ton of other exciting stuff. 
I always swore I would never be a blogger who ever did the “stay tuuuuuned!” thing, but I get it now. I have so many awesome things coming for you, but I want it to be a big KA-POW!! and I just can’t wait to tell you everything!