Goldenrod Pastries: THE BAKERY!

I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to write this.
I am so excited to tell you that the Goldenrod Pastries bakery is opening this spring 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska! 
What started as my little dream and passion was taken by storm, and now we are going to have a new little shop! You have proven that our community is ready for this bakery. You spoke loud and clear and told me what YOU want and what you love. This bakery will be a haven for alternative diets, for delicious rich sweets for everyone, and a place for us to have fun and dream! I have always thought that, no matter what diet you choose to have for yourself, you deserve to have delicious sweets. We have so many rad birthday cakes and parties in our future, you guys!

Goldenrod Pastries The Bakery 2.jpg
December 2014 – Outside Goldenrod Pastries!

This bakery has been in the works for a long time. But it’s really interesting to see how a dream unfolds into reality (as in, owning a business is so much more than just mixing together sugar and flour). I’ve always baked because I love it. I love the creative process that happens before starting, the actual process of mixing things together and looking through the oven window, watching things bake. I love feeding you! It’s an incredibly gratifying process, on any level. But to be honored with baking for so many people in my community – that is something I never expected.
After forming Goldenrod Pastries in April 2014, the response from around Nebraska – and beyond – has been huge. I just wanted to bake and have a little blog! Honestly, this would not be happening if it weren’t for all of you. You spoke up, telling me what you wanted more of and we worked together to make it happen. This bakery will be a reflection of each of you who has supported Goldenrod Pastries since the beginning.
Here are a few FAQs for now:

  • Where is it located? The shop is in Lincoln’s Union College neighborhood at 3947 South 48th Street. It’s my dream location. Goldenrod Pastries is sandwiched between Paper Kite, Select Style, and Pattino – all wonderful shops owned and run by women I admire and adore.
  • When will it open? My sincere hope is April 2015. It’s an empty space right now (with freshly re-finished wood floors!), and my architect has made a BRILLIANT plan. Contractors should be in there in the next few days getting to work. It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous.
  • What are you going to sell? I will continue to take orders and will continue to urge you to place orders! I will have as many options as possible available for daily walk-in sales, but if you will need something specific, ordering ahead is key. The plan is to have vegan and gluten-free options each day the shop is open.
  • Any cool special features? Yes, of course! There will be a small tasting bar that looks into the kitchen. You’ll be able to pay for a chef’s choice little tasting. I think it will be so fun. Lots of other features will be shared later.
  • Can I rent the space? Please do! When I was engaged, my sister was also pregnant. We had an impossible time trying to find a place to host the baby and bridal showers for each other. The space will be available to rent for groups of 20 people and fewer. And it’s going to be so damn pretty in there. Perfect for your prettiest events! I will also be hosting several kinds of events, so stay tuned for those. 
  • Will you work with local products? Goldenrod Pastries will be the pick-up location for The Darlin’ Reds + Fox Run Farms CSA! I am committed to working with local producers whenever possible. This includes veggies, fruit, dairy products, grains, preserves, etc.
  • Anything else? Yes! So much more! I’ve found some amazing products by small-scale artisans that I will bake with, as well as sell retail to you. These products include made-to-order nut butters, vegan and gluten-free chocolates made in Brooklyn, coconut jams, beautiful teas, and small-batch chai concentrate – and hopefully more. These are all products I have learned about over the past years and months and really believe we will all love!

           You can also expect dessert tastings, guest pastry chefs, small food symposiums and discussions, etc. 
There is so much more to tell and to figure out. There’s so much more of the backstory to share, but for now, let’s just collectively FREAK OUT about how awesome this is going to be!!! I cannot wait to see you at the shop, baking for you daily. From the bottom of my little powdered sugar-covered heart: THANK YOU for your support. This is the beginning of the journey!
Goldenrod Pastries The Bakery2.jpg