Five Rules For Opening Your First Bakery

Megan Pomeroy Photography


My friend Josh pointed out to me how many damn cupcake and cake pop shops there are in this world, earlier today. They are everywhere. While I feel like I’m losing my mind every step of the way here, it’s crazy to think that all of these cupcake joints have gone through the same things, assuming magical cupcake-shop-kitchen-fairies do not exist.
If they do exist, can you guys please let me know?
I’ve been hesitant to write too much in this space lately, because there just have been so many ups and downs, many that seem like the end of the world at the time – but even a 14 hours later, are resolved. So, what to share and what not to share? I will have lessons-learned to offer when this is built (I hope). For the blog, you can expect more recipe posts and sneak peeks along the way (P.S. If you aren’t following along yet on Instagram, you are MISSING OUT).
And for now, these are the five rules I have to offer for opening a bakery (and really starting any big project you’re dreaming up for yourself!):

  1. Get really, really excited about every little thing that happens. My beautiful tin ceiling was painted last week and seeing that made me so happy. Each little thing is a direct reflection on the plan you’re making for yourself.
  2. Trust your gut. This is where I have to be careful not to get too hysterically deep into the details. But if you feel like you shouldn’t sign something, don’t do it. 
  3. Be really, really proud of every little thing that happens. It’s been really easy for me to feel like things aren’t, or won’t, come together. If one thing goes wrong, it seems pretty easy to feel like the whole idea was a failure. I can’t be sure yet if it’s a failure or not! But I am reminding myself to be proud of every decision I make, and watching it come to fruition. Beautifully finished wood floors in the shade I picked? Yeah, I’m proud of that. Goldenrod Pastries had a little mention in the local newspaper yesterday. Pretty excited and proud of that, too!
  4. Don’t pretend everything is okay, if it isn’t. No one is expecting this to be easy for you. Don’t tell them everything is under control if you feel within yourself that the wheels are flying off! I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve/pantleg/boot/earring/everywhere, so the world tends to know where I stand at all times. I can’t imagine faking through what I am experiencing. And, trust me, you never know who can help you if you tell them what’s really going on.
  5. Let your people take care of you. My husband has been making all of our dinners (except for that pad Thai from the co-op that I stress-ate in my car this week, oops). Reach out to the people you love and trust. Chances are, you take good care of them when they need it. It’s your turn!

I can’t wait to share more with you!